BRM Racing Team

BRM Racing was formed in March with the aim of a few guys to get together and take part in the Le Mans 24 hours. It grew extremely quickly and within a couple of weeks of posting adverts for drivers the team had 15+ members from around the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA. We didn’t know each other and a few of us hadn’t taken part in Le Mans before, so our aim was to just finish the race and see what we could do.

It became clear quickly our team was showing good pace and consistent driving, this was proved when out of our 4 cars at Le Mans we took an overall P2 in our Porsche 919 Hybrid, and a P3 in GTE in our Porsche 911 RSR. Results we never thought possible due to being such a young team, but thanks to the commitment of everyone within the team we got these results and hopefully many more brilliant results in the future.

BRM Racing Leagues

During the downtime between the official iRacing enduros we were playing around with ideas of running our racing league. And with a mix of skills and experience between us we decided to start this league, the BRM Racing Endurance Challenge, a mix of LMP, GT’s and Supercars to give familiarity to regular iRacers but something different and interesting to get people engaged. After doing multiple surveys within our team and on various forums we collected data of tracks people want to race with these cars and settled on a 6 race calendar for this series to finish off the year, with a mix of different race durations around the world to give the feel of the ultimate sportscar series.

The aim of the league was to bring a competitive, enjoyable and fully organised racing series to iRacers of all abilities. With full schedules, live stewarding and mixed car classes we hope our series will be a welcoming championship for you all to enjoy.

We look forward to racing with you this season, and in the seasons to come!